Holding and Managing IP as NFTs


In order to manage the ownership of intellectual property (IP) rights, a new method called the intellectual property NFT (IP-NFT) uses distributed ledger technology (DLT). The IP-NFT is to make it possible to invest, own, and transact on IP in a free and open market while protecting the confidentiality of non-registered IP and its potential for IP protection.

Intellectual property (IP) includes not only filed or pending patents but also pre-patent intellectual products, data sets, or agreements pertaining to the administration of research projects and their associated outputs.

TemDAO is developing cooperative ecosystems so that parties involved in heritage conservation may cooperate quickly to safeguard or bring priceless cultural assets back to the public's attention. By transforming the intellectual property and its development into a liquid and accessible asset, we are connecting top teams to funding. $TEM will be the only currency for IP-NFT transactions.

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