What is TemDAO?

A world heritage protection and development DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) accelerator, TemDAO funds and supports future builders in world heritage decentralized through DAOs working on a range of areas and infrastructure projects. TemDAO provides a launchpad, resources, mentorship, a shared network, and a suite of legal and smart contracts for DAOs. Our goal is to enable all world heritage and other tourism attractions to utilize IP-NFTs to fund, govern, and develop intellectual property worldwide, catalyzing a Cambrian explosion of digital IP assets.

Who are we?

TemDAO is the first world heritage protection and development DAO, created core infrastructure like the IP-NFT framework, laying the foundation for the next generation of builders in the culture and history to emerge. With TemDAO, we are excited to offer direct support services and funding for those who want to build the future of world heritage with us.

How does TemDAO work?

Temple is creating collaborative ecosystem, connecting leading teams to funding by turning intellectual property and its development into a liquid and easily investable asset. We attach pre-screened projects and IP to NFTs, making them liquid and transferable. Discover opportunities on our platform and invest in heritage protectors and their work, support potential heritage in the creation of a dedicated DAO.

what does the program entail?

Dedicated support from our team with consulting and strategic advisory services: Tokenomics, Tech, Regulatory, Community, and Operation.

Who are we looking for?

Ambitious builders, founders, and global heritages interested in integrating the IP-NFT framework into TemDAO.

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